Natalie Asbun was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia but moved to Miami, Florida, almost a decade ago. One of her Grand-fathers was born in Seville, Spain and the other Grand-father was born in Israel; so having an interesting physical look gave her the opportunity to become a model at the age of 14.
She always wanted to come to the U.S to get a Business or Fashion Design degree but her Dad insisted to get a Business degree in Bolivia to work with  him in many of the projects he had, so she got into Business Management and a year after her Dad passed away. She moved to Miami in 2010 and things changed drastically for good.
When she left Bolivia, she also left her reputation of being known as a Model and also someone with a “name” so she had to work harder in the U.S to get all she had and much more.
Her favorite thing in the world since she was 4 years old is playing dress-up so she couldn't get away with it and got her Fashion Design Bachelor’s degree in 2015 in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. But don't think she’s a Girly Girl because she loves fashion and clothes; as a child she spent most of the time with her Dad and cousin doing "boys" things and playing with car toys, computer games and play-station.  
So she wants to share many of the things she likes that are currently part of her lifestyle, such as Fashion, Cars, Make-up, Nutrition, Games, Food, Animals, Technology and more.